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Clinical studies have proven weight loss without exercise. You can lose 1 pound a day!
Buy green Coffee Bean Extract in CanadaNow you can get Green Coffee Bean Extract in Canada because we now offer the newest weight loss treatment to hit the market today. If you are like many Canadians that currently shop south of the border to save on additional fees then you will happy to know that you can get ALL the same deals as in the USA.
Right now Canadians can get the popular coffee bean supplement in Canada at the same price, same deals with No Tax or hidden fees.
Canadians can experience the weight-loss benefits like everyone else at the same prices too.
How To Lose Weight in CanadaMain Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Supplementation

1. Will accelerates the bodies fat burning process naturally
2. Boost energy and vitality levels that will drive you through the day
3. No Additional Exercise, normal daily routine  
4. Enhances your metabolic rate to help burn fat stores
5. Antioxidants and caffeine helps destroy free radicals and fat build-up
6. 100% natural and pure ingredients to stimulate a healthy weight loss
7. No diets!!!
8. No Side Effects! Chemical free, safe formula


How Green Coffee Bean Canada can help your waist line

Our raw Coffee Beans are always fresh beans that have not been roasted. Standard coffee beans have been roasted at 475 degrees F, and that is where their dark color comes from. The roasting process also causes beans to lose 90% of their primary fat-burning and anti-oxidant component known as Chlorogenic Acid. In their 100% pure form, Green Coffee Beans are rapidly becoming a significant breakthrough in the science of natural health and weight loss.

This extract form can help melt inches off your waist, helping you to finally achieve the flat belly and remove love handles and get you looking the way you’ve always wanted.


How Green Coffee Bean Canada can help your Butt

Melting those extra pounds of fat off your butt can be the hardest area to address. With our coffee bean extract you’ll get the help you need for a firm and sexy butt that's gets noticed.

How Green Coffee Bean Canada can help your thighs

With our bean extract you’ll get a powerful extract that targets fat from your thighs, helping you get legs that are made for those shorter skirts you may have been avoiding.
What's The Big Weight Loss Secret?
Raw Coffee Beans have been shown to inhibit fat absorption and also stimulate the activation of fat metabolism in the liver, both major supporters of weight reduction. The Chlorogenic acid found in Green Coffee Beans is a natural phytochemical that is found in a wide array of plants, with very high concentrations in Green Coffee Beans. It has been found to inhibit the release of glucose into the blood, particularly after meals, and appears to help people lose weight as a result. Chlorogenic acid may also be able to induce body fat loss by increasing body heat produced, thus promoting thermogenesis, the natural burning of fat for energy. It is also believed to reduce the generation of new fat cells due to its superior anti-oxidant effects.
What The Raw Bean Clinical Studies Say

Roasted beans are sometimes described as rich and full-bodied. But for the full-bodied person who is not so rich, unroasted coffee beans - green as the day they were picked - may hold the key to cheap and effective weight loss, new research suggests.

In a study presented Tuesday at the American Chemical Society's spring national meeting in San Diego, 16 overweight young adults took, by turns, a low dose of green coffee bean extract, a high dose of the same green coffee supplement, and a placebo. Though the study was small, the results were striking: Subjects taking the full dose of the green coffee extract lost an average of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks and reduced their overall body weight by 10.5%!
Normally professionals will not recommend “weight-loss” supplements, especially weight-loss supplements that claim “easy” weight loss or “fast” weight loss. Our professional nutritionist team, strongly believe that the key to weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise, but all agree there are some incredible super foods that can deliver an added boost. One super food in particular, the green coffee bean, is creating major media buzz, and the research has many people truly amazed.
What Famous People Have to Say...
Dr.Oz Recommends Green Coffee Bean ExtractDr Oz recommended using green coffee bean extracts to achieve a healthy and rapid weight loss without exercise. While he did not recommend any specific green coffee bean supplement over another, he did caution his viewers and audience to make sure and find a pure green coffee extract for optimal results and effects. One of the leading supplements out there is called Green Coffee Bean Max.
Pure Green Coffee Bean Max is a great and proven alternative for people to start their weight loss regime so they can remove their excess fat cells stored from a normal daily diet and minimal exercise.
There is a reason why Canadians are shopping for green coffee bean extract in Canada. Also it is becoming the leading weight loss treatment in the USA and that's because it really works and works very well. Looking for the newest and best weight loss treatment then we can provide you with what works.

If you are looking to buy a proven coffee bean supplement in Canada or on the Internet, you cannot buy it cheaper anywhere and we have made this available to our Canadian customers through our discount links provided here on this site.
After the green coffee extract was introduced by Dr. Oz to be a powerful fat burning supplement with NO SIDE EFFECTS people have been trying it for themselves. Many customers have told us that they are seeing great results and that they find the products to be very safe. Keep in mind that a pure green coffee extract comes from an all natural source. It's the active ingredient "chlorogenic acid" and you need to make sure it's 50% Chlorogenic acid because at this strength it is very effective and it can only come from pure green coffee beans. Our green coffee bean extract contains 50% chlorogenic acid, this is a VERY high percentage (800mg) that can only come from a pure product.
It's very important  only use a supplement that has the following identifications on the bottle, GCA - Green Coffee Antioxidant, Svetol or reads 45% Chlorogenic acid minimum.